Why this blog?

Thanks for visiting my blog. I can assume you are here because you care about your health and want to make a fitter version of yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

What is the one thing we all wish for an unborn child? Health, surely? My first child is due in 2017 and I don’t care whether it’s a boy, girl, or a blue and white spotted zebra as long as it is healthy. Health and fitness is important and by developing this you are going to ensure you live a longer, more fulfilled, and happier life.

I want to help you achieve this by sharing with you some of my knowledge on nutrition, training and all things health and fitness. Whether your goal is to learn how to a do a muscle up, how to shed some excess fat, or whether that fad diet is going to work for you I’ve got you covered.

If there’s something I haven’t covered, something you want to know more about you can just leave a question in the comments or send me an email and I’ll happily go and find it out for you. Think of me as your FREE fitness resource!

Enjoy reading!


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