Omagh to Christchurch and many CrossFit boxes inbetween

You might have tried a CrossFit box and been put off. But don’t let it stop you there. I have been to loads of boxes all over the place and each one is very different. Have a read of this before you totally write it off.

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CrossFit works

CrossFit can help you to lose fat, get toned, increase your strength. Whatever your goal is, CrossFit can help – it works.

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10 top tips for the CrossFit Open

Top tips to help you complete the CrossFit open to the best of your ability

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Everyone was a beginner once

Worried about trying something new e.g. too intimidated to start CrossFit – have a read

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A CrossFitters Xmas list

Items that all new Crossfitters should ask for Xmas

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My CrossFit Journey: Top Tips for competing

Thinking of competing? Read to find out why you should & get some tips. What’s your top tips?

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Thank you

A little message to those that read my blog…

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