Strength Training for Women: 3 shocking MYTHS that still exist

If your goal is fat loss and/or to achieve a more toned, curve, healthy look then weight training is the way forward. Don’t believe have a read to find out the FACTS

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CrossFit works

CrossFit can help you to lose fat, get toned, increase your strength. Whatever your goal is, CrossFit can help – it works.

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How to Perform the Squat

The squat is one of the most beneficial movements you can train – have a read to find out why and how to perform the perfect squat.

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‘How can I lose fat {insert specific body part}?’

Want to know how to lose fat in those stubborn places that don’t ever seem to budge. Read this

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How to reduce muscle soreness

Everyone gets it (DOMS aka muscle soreness) at some point. Here are some ways to alleviate it

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Everyone was a beginner once

Worried about trying something new e.g. too intimidated to start CrossFit – have a read

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6 Top Tips – New year, New You

Set yourself a New Year goal? Here are 6 top tips that will help you reach it.

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