My CrossFit Journey: CrossFit makes you weaker…

Apparently, some people are interested in how my training has gone…

So back in January I wrote down where I was and set myself some goals. I had read that writing down your goals increases your chances of reaching them by at least 40%. I never bothered to research this statistic unlike a lot of things I write about. I just thought why not. It will make me accountable to them.



Looking back, any kind of data that is self reported always has flaws. My squat was never 140kg! I wish it was.

6 months on, my squat still hasn’t reached 140kg. I have hit 130kg, and my all time PR remains at 134kg. However, if you want to improve your squat, you have to squat at least 2-3 times a week. Some weeks I don’t squat at all.


Aside from my chicken legs making little progress my deadlift was 335lbs as of November 2016, it was 360lbs by January 2017, then in May I hit 425lbs. In 7 months my deadlift jumped 90lbs and went above the target of 400lbs that I set myself. My next target, eventually, is 450lbs (200kg!).

My snatch has gone from 120lbs (1RM) to 135lbs (2RM) in the last few months. Clean from 165lbs to 215lbs. My target was 190lbs. The one thing that may limit my clean and snatch as I get heavier now, is my squat.

I haven’t hit 10 strict ring muscle ups yet.  But not a million miles away and I have managed a strict bar muscle up. I can also do a few strict HSPU’s and hit 70 unbroken double unders (my arch enermy).



Many people that don’t do CrossFit and have never tried it say, ‘CrossFit makes you weaker’. Really?!

The one thing people don’t realise is that many CrossFit boxes utilise strength programs similar to that of a powerlifters, like the 5, 3, 1 program, or juggernaut program. In fact two guys I train with entered a powerlifting comp this weekend and both finished 3rd. The only thing is, we cover a lot more than squat, bench, and deadlift and don’t solely focus on the lifts. 



From the last 6 months and the progress I have made the main things I have learned that may benefit you, are:

  • Set yourself goals – Set S.M.A.R.T. targets and review them every once in a while. Once you hit one, set another a new one. If its written down somewhere great. If you share it with others, even better. It will make you accountable and be at the back of your mind when you train.
  • Be Consistent – the most progress I have made has been when I have had a sustained period of training 4-5 times a week, eating well, and sleeping well.
  • Listen to your body – there have been days I have tried to lift a weight I know I have lifted before but for whatever reason (poor sleep the night before, not enough to eat, tough workout the day before etc) I haven’t been able to do it.
  • Progress is not linear – for the reasons above. If you stick to it and be consistent you will make progress in time but it will be up and down.
  • Enjoy the journey – Otherwise what’s the point.





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