I am offering something FREE, to YOU…

As you may have noticed, my posts over the past few weeks have all centered around the topic of diet and nutrition. I genuinely write to help others and hope that those following my posts are able to form healthier more sustainable relationships that help them make the progress they are after.


I myself had big issues as a young teenager. My nickname to one person, which many of my friends don’t know, was ‘chubby chequers’. As a result I stopped eating crisps, chocolate, and sweets and dramatically reduced my portion sizes. Needless to say, I lost weight. But I now realise this was mainly due to me growing in height. In my adult life I have tried special boxing diets, the keto diet, intermittent fasting. Most of the time they have helped me shed excess fat. However, all of these diets have been extreme and not sustainable.



Nowadays I am happy in my skin – to the right is the last shameless selfie I took. I’m in my 30’s, I don’t diet, I don’t count calories, I don’t count macro’s. Doing these things in the past may possibly have helped me to understand appropriate portion sizes etc. but I don’t worry about counting and weighing things anymore. I know what works for me and have built healthy habits. I do this out of choice and can maintain my lifestyle. I still occasionally choose to drink, choose to eat cake or pizza. Not often, but enough. I am always eating foods I love and help me to maintain a certain physique. Due to my past experiences I understand how hard it is to do this though…


Therefore I am willing to go one step further than writing blogs to help you. I am offering you something for FREE. Yes completely FREE. However, this offer is only for a limited number of people…

I am offering to be your personal nutritional advisor and help guide you to fat loss and healthier eating habits.

What you will receive:

  • Dietary analysis
  • Individualised nutrition plan
  • Access to a private support group
  • Progress checks

All you need to do is private message me on Facebook OR via the contact section on my blog site.









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