12 shocking facts about sugar: it’s time to get off the crack

I love the stuff. It is near on impossible for me to resist brownies, or any sort of cake with icing and butter cream, and don’t get me started about ice cream. I can polish off a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s on my own in one sitting. But my love for sugar pales into insignificance to my pregnant wife’s. But why are sugary foods so hard to give up? And why should we give them up?

  1. Sugar has similar affects on the brain as Cocaine  – hence why people say they are addicted and find it so hard to leave the stuff alone.
  2. Sugar does not create feelings of satiety – so this is why I can stuff that whole tub of ice cream down my throat in one sitting.
  3. People have been found to get headaches and withdrawal symptoms when cutting sugar out of their diet.
  4. Refined sugar such as granular and what you find in cakes and most processed products have absolutely no nutritional value.
  5. Excessive sugar consumption leads to insulin resistance, and eventually diabetes.
  6. Sugar rots your teeth and can cause tooth decay
  7. Excessive sugar consumption is linked to many serious diseases including Heart disease and Cancer.
  8. Not only is sugar linked to tooth decay, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, it is also linked to high blood pressure, insomnia, obesity, ADHD, and acne.
  9. The American Heart Association recommends 24g (6 teaspoons) of sugar a day for women, and 36 for men (9 teaspoons) – uh-oh, there’s a 100g of sugar in a tub of ice cream.
  10. For every tablespoon of ketchup there is 1 teaspoon of sugar – Most processed foods, processed meats, peanut butter, dressings, sauces, jarred and pre-packaged products contain large amounts of sugar, which is why you should always check labels carefully.
  11. Lemons actually contain more sugar than strawberries
  12. statistically it is reported that one can of soda (e.g. Coca Cola) a day can increase your risk of Heart disease by one third. One can of Coke has 10 teaspoons of sugar more than the daily recommendation for men and nearly double the recommendation for women.


Please note that sugar in moderation, as with anything, is unlikely to cause any serious health issues. As I have said previously – No-one ever got skinny eating one salad and no-one ever got fat eating one chocolate bar. However, the reactions it causes in the brain may make it harder to stick to the odd day or odd chocolate bar every few weeks. I have recommended a couple of strategies in some earlier posts to reduce your sugar intake. But was wondering how do you cut it out of your diet? What strategies have you found that work?


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