Do you know your EMOM from your AMRAP?

You may have read my many posts about CrossFit and been convinced to go give it a try. Only to rock up at ‘the whiteboard’ at the start of the class and think you have attended some kind of nuclear physics class. The abbreviations and acronyms are endless and if you, like me, didn’t want to be that newbie that asks what they all mean or you still don’t know what some of them mean then here is a post just for you!

*If I have missed any, or you think there are any worth adding, please leave them in the comment box to help others*

CF – Lets start easy, CF = CrossFit

AMRAP – No this is not the hottest new hip hop artist. It means, As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible

CTB – Chest to Bar (pull up so that chest touches the bar)

DU – Double Under (jumping two rotations of the skipping rope) – my arch nemesis!

SU – Single Under (a normal skip with a single rotation of the rope)

C&J – Unfortunately NOT a chocolate and jelly sandwich, but how good could that be?! C&J means Clean and Jerk (Olympic lift where bar is cleaned to chest and pushed above the head)

CLN – A Clean as you might spell it in text language!

HC – Hang Clean (A Clean performed from the knee or above, if from power position then this is normally a HHC; High Hang Clean)

DL – DeadLift (lifting of the bar from the ground)

HSPU – No, NOT an new strain of STI but a Hand Stand Push Up (free standing or against a wall for balance. Kick up into handstand, lower head to the ground and push up to start position)

C2 – Is it C3PO’s best friend in the new Star Wars? Possibly, but he may not get must chat out him as C2 stands for Concept 2 rowing machine (name given to a make of rowing machine)

KB – Kettlebell

DB – Dumbbell. Watch out for these in this years open…

BB – For those that love television, ‘Big Brother’. For those that love CrossFit, Barbell

WOD – Workout of the Day (sometimes WO or W/O is used and stands for WorkOut)

TTB or T2B – Toes To Bar (where you hang from a bar and bring toes to the bar)

KTE  or K2E – Knees To Elbows (A scaled version of TTB where knees go to elbows instead)

TGU – Turkish Get Up (Complex movement, normally involving holding a kettlebell in one hand. Starting lying flat on the ground and with a KB in one hand extended above the head, come up to standing)

Rep – A repetition (performance of a movement i.e. 5 reps of TTB)

Set – A number of repetitions, a group of (i.e. 3 sets of 5 reps TTB)

RM – Rep Max (the most reps you can perform i.e. 1RM DL = the heaviest weight you can DeadLift for 1 repetition)

PU – Pull Up (hang from a bar and pull up so that chin is above the level of the bar)

PR – Personal Record (your heaviest lift of a selected movement, sometimes PB; Personal Best is used)

Pd – Pood (weight measure for kettlebells)

OHS – OverHead Squat (a squat performed with a weight held above the head)

MU – Muscle Up (A combination of a pull up and then dip that results in the athlete above the bar with fully extended arms). Go to How to get that 1st strict muscle up… to find out how to get your first

BW – Body Weight (An exercise performed just using Body Weight)

PP – Push Press (An Overhead Press performed with a dip and drive of the knees)

PJ – No, not your night time wear but a Push Jerk (As above but you catch the bar in the power position with legs slightly bent)

BS – Back Squat and BullSh*t! (Back Squat is where the bar is sat on the top of the back whilst performing a squat, BS is what Donald Trump speaks a lot of!)

FS – Front Squat (A squat with the bar held on the top of the chest infront of the body)

BP – Bench Press (pushing bar from your chest towards the ceiling whilst lying on a bench)

DNF – Did Not Finish (Did not finish the workout)

EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute (A small workout where you normally perform two different exercises, one on the odd minute and one on the even minute)

GHD – You can’t straighten your hair with these! Although it might be interesting to see you try. GHD = Glute Hamstring Developer (A machine used to develop posterior chain exercises such as hip extension, sit up, or back extension)

RX / RX’d – Sure I had one of these bikes as a kid… means to perform the workout as prescribed with no adjustments/scaling

Tabata – A type of training that involves 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest. Normally repeated for 8 sets. You are definitely going to feel one of these workouts the next day!

ATG – Ass To Grass (yea, thats right, get that booty down and deep squat!)

MetCon – Fortunately, not a new drug to hit the streets! It stands for Metabolic Conditioning (A workout that develops Aerobic and or anaerobic capacity/fitness)

YBF – You’ll Be Fine!

Box – the name given to a CrossFit gym

Globo Gym – name given to a generic fitness gym i.e. Lloyds, Fitness First etc etc

HRPU – Hand Release Push Up (At the bottom of a push up once your chest touches the ground, release your hands off the ground before pushing up)

SN – Snatch (Don’t be rude! It’s an Olympic Lift where the weight is taken from the ground and lifting over the head)

PSN – Power Snatch (Stop it potty mouth! As above but you land in the power position NOT in a squat position before coming to standing)

Scaling – modifying or adjusting a movement to make it easier

For Time – A WOD you have to complete as quickly as possible i.e. 2 rounds For Time

Affiliate – a CrossFit box officially affiliated to the  ‘CrossFit’ brand

Pistol – It isn’t the term given to someone flexing their small biceps but a squat performed with only one leg in contact with the ground

Thruster – Seen plenty of this at a teenagers school disco. However, in CrossFit it is a front squat straight into a push press

Wallball –  A thruster performed with a large ball (14 or 20 lbs) which is released and thrown at a target/wall to 8 or 10 feet

Cluster – A Clean into a thruster

Box Jump – exactly what it says on the tin. Jump on the box! stand up straight, step or jump down and repeat

Paralettes – portable parallel bars

CU – Chin Up (Pull up performed with palms facing you)

DOMS – Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (Normally occurs the day or often two days after a really tough workout and also the reason walking up or down stairs makes you want to cry after a tough squat session!)

UB – Unbroken (sometimes conditions are set that you must perform all reps UB or start again or perform a forefeit)














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