My CrossFit journey: week 4 (Don’t take yourself too seriously!)

Ever felt embarrassed, self conscious, uncomfortable when working out or in new social situations? Why do we feel the need to act or behave in a certain way to fit the status quo? Since starting my blog I have received loads of ‘friendly’ flack from my mates. Fortunately I don’t really take myself too seriously and manage to just laugh things off. Take the featured image for example! It is from my instagram videos showing step by step progressions on how to perform a strict ring muscle up. Even the wife has given me stick for the faces I’m pulling. However, if I have helped just one person I couldn’t care less how much of an idiot I look and if I’ve made one person laugh as well then even better.

This all got me thinking…

Thursday after school my girls football team were bored waiting for their opposition so I asked if any of them could sing. One girl in particular could not wait to get up. So up she stood in the middle of the sports field, surrounded by her peers, other coaches, teachers, and other players and performed the most hilarious, yet slightly out of tune, full rendition of ‘hakuna matata’ including ALL the dance moves!

It made me think – How important it is to not take yourself too seriously!

If this girl took herself too seriously we would have missed out on a brilliant moment. It is much harder to see the humour in things when being too serious.

Let’s be honest, people that take themselves too seriously are no fun. We are all weird and strange in some way. I mean we all bought ‘Bewitched’ as a single and dressed up as 3LW and danced and mimed along to ‘No more’… didn’t we? We have all done stupid things, and made mistakes. These things make up our character, make us unique and if we can’t laugh at ourselves what can we laugh at?

If you go to the gym, if you try something new and your too worried about how you look, too scared of making a fool out of yourself then your never going to make the most amoun of progress you can.

Even more importantly, laugh in those difficult moments and take everything in your stride. Life is full of ups and downs so put that sense of humour to good use to get through those difficult periods. It is always better to laugh than cry!

You may have noticed, I love a bit of research. Well there’s even studies that support this – just click on this


Do you, does anyone care about what I eat? What training I do? It is a bit self indulgent, I think – thoughts? please leave a comment

May be I should call this ‘Weekly Wise Words With Reid’ or just write a monthly post instead…

If you are interested I drink lots of water (2 litres plus a day), had just the one beer this week, eaten paleo Robbie meals once a day, try to eat ‘real’ food and avoid sugar. I don’t count calories or macros – that just sucks the fun out of food!

Next week is a new month so picture time to see what progress has occurred with the physique and towards my goals! Can’t wait for the ‘friendly’ flack from my mates!


2 thoughts on “My CrossFit journey: week 4 (Don’t take yourself too seriously!)

  1. Wise words, we could all do with taking some of your points on board, life is too short to worry about what other people think of us, life for the moment, have no regrets and enjoy each day x

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