My CrossFit Journey: Week 3 (sometimes there are more important things!)

If you are reading my blogs and there are no more posts after this one it is because my wife has found out I put a picture of her up!

We had just had our 12 week scan and were at dinner celebrating – I say ‘celebrating’ loosely,  my wife had a mocktail and I went completely wild with the 1 beer. This could be a sign of whats to come.  If you haven’t guessed yet, the ‘more important things’ are my darling wife and mini Reid that she is carrying.

So as my progress towards my goals for 2017 continue to move at the pace of a Snail trying to ascend a drainpipe I feel no guilt, or shame. Sometimes there are far more important things that take priority.

*If you haven’t had a read yet, go read my post this week – Aesthetic of Functional? where I explore this idea of what is important when it comes to your Health and Fitness goals.* 

This last week or so has taught me that prioritising what is most important to you is vital. Since starting this blog it has become a bit addictive and I have spent a lot of time researching and prepping posts, which has been fantastic for work avoidance at school BUT not so enjoyable for my wife. She really could not give a flying you know what about the f*ing keto diet or what a fitness model does to look ripped. I have also wanted to stick to my CrossFit classes religiously, play football, and get back to my active lifestyle as quickly as possible since our wonderful honeymoon BUT pre-natal hospital and doctors appointments have stood in the way. Yet I think this week something has, as my Irish wife would say, made me ‘catch myself on’. I will get back to CrossFit 3 or 4 x a week, this might even happen next week, and I will have time to squeeze in some writing here and there BUT I must prioritise and ensure those that are important to me are put first. To be honest getting back into CrossFit slowly has probably been a good thing and ensured I don’t push too hard too quickly and get injured. Not writing all the time/looking for different articles to write should also make it more organic. As I said last week ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day OR even a week’.

So aside from seeing what I have eaten and what I have done, I hope you take one thing away from this post – To ensure you prioritise the people that are most important to you. Those dumbbells, that keyboard, those likes on FB whatever it may be, they will be there waiting for you.

Remember, if you like this post or have any questions go to the bottom and let me know



As you can see I try to eat whole food as much as possible, rarely eat sugar or snack. I don’t count macro’s, measure or limit what I eat. My only general rule is to try and eat whole foods and avoid processed foods and sugar. As this was a week of celebrating there was a couple of beers had (I never have a drink in the week) but nothing excessive. In terms of fluid I only drink water (at least 2litres a day), but on the rare occasion I will have 100% coconut water.

Here are the recipes for the Protein mocha frappe and the chocolate proats. If you go to my instagram you can see the recipe for the very chocolatey breakfast protein shake. If you are interested in macro’s for my paleo meals or more details – let me know


Tuesdaybutterfly kip practice for 30 mins

Snatch – 1 x power snatch, 1 x low hang snatch, 1 x high hang snatch every 2 minutes for 6 rounds

worked up to 115 lbs – BUT if you looked at my instagram the butterfly kips caused a rip and I was being a wimp and let it affect my workout.

EMOM: 8 minutes, E = 5 x high snatch pull; O = 5 x ring dips


10 minute AMRAP – 10 x muscle snatch (65lbs – should have gone heavier)

 15 DU’s (I HATE YOU Double Unders! – RX was 30 DU’s)

10 strict DB press with 35lbs dumbbells (RX was HSPU)

I got 3 rounds – I hate you, I hate you DU’s BUT 1 round I did manage to string 8 consecutive together

Wednesday – 1 hour 6-a-side football practice (was better than last week but still crap! sorry no funny quotes to share this week)

Friday – Staff football match – played about an hour (was fairly low intensity due to opposition – we won 7-1, and I even scored!)

Saturday – Another football match – again played about an hour (so plenty of cardio this week!)

Sunday – 30 minutes muscle up progressions and warm up

4 sets of 2 strict ring muscle up (1-2 min rest)

10 sets – handstand hold (1st 6 using wall and bringing one leg off and then trying to take both off. Last 4 free standing – got up to 4s!. 1-2 min rest between sets)

6 sets – mix of front planche basic regression and l-sit hold for 20s (1-2 min rest)

30 minutes shoulder mobility and stretching

Next week I start my Crossfit Level 1 Coaching Course – So I am definitely going to be doing more exercise!



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