My Crossfit Journey: Week 2 (Rome wasn’t built in a day OR even a week)

”This is the unfittest I have seen you, it is even worse than that time you had that disease”

That was a quote from one of the lads at football training Wednesday and this was followed the next day by me throwing my piping hot Ethopian Chicken Stew all over my thigh in front of the rest of my PE department!

New Zealand (the featured image for this post, taken from our holiday) now seems so far away!

However, despite a few bumps along the road there have been some positive baby steps forward…


As with everything else, it has been slow progress. No alcohol this week, which is a good start! But Monday and Tuesday I couldn’t resist a few squares of the chocolate bought into the PE office that was left over from Xmas. Especially the ‘Whittakers’ Peanut butter chocolate bar. I also went and got burger and chips with the wife Saturday night.


Brekkie – on the menu this week

Oats mixed with almond milk, protein powder and fruit

– scrambled egg with avocado and wholegrain toast

– Yoghurt  with bran flakes and fruit

Lunch has been a mix of school food (rice, veg, meat) and leftovers from my Paleo Robbie.

Below is my Paleo Robbie selections for this week

food this week.JPG

NO, I don’t eat Paleo because that is the stereotypical CrossFit diet. I do it because they deliver to my door, it takes 5 minutes to heat, and is normally pretty tasty!


Ok, so my double-unders are crap, even worse than they were before the Christmas holidays – BUT that is going to change at some point this year!

On a positive, after watching some awesome clips from @pamelagnon and a few tips picked up from my buddy Ivan last year, I have taught myself how to butterfly kip. There will be video’s going up soon on my instagram, including progressions and practices.

Here is a breakdown of my exercise this week:


8 rounds, a round every 2 minutes – 1 x Clean, 2 x front squat, 1 x jerk

I worked up to 165lbs (felt good! the extra 6kg of weight I put on over the holidays might be helping me, even though its fat!)

EMOM (Even Minute, Odd Minute); Even = 4 Clean deadlifts to knee with 3s pause, Odd = 3 lunge twists with 15kg slam ball on both legs

WOD: 10 minute time cap, 2 rounds for time

20 thrusters @ 80 lbs (not RX), and 240m farmers walk with 130 lbs (approx 75% body weight)

*another bump in the road, DID NOT FINISH, had 80m left to go! – Give it a go and see how you get on and post your results*


Football with my mates for an hour – less said about this better!

Moving on swiftly to Thursday 

Sneaky session in the morning in the school gym

6 rounds – 2 x hang power clean, 1 x power clean – worked up to 70kg

4 rounds – 3 x muscle clean (50% of above weight) + 3 x overhead press (45kg)


8 rounds, a round every 90s, working up to 1RM OHS

Never done this before so was pleasantly surprised. worked up to 145lbs and felt I could do more!

WOD: 16 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Poss)

8 x STRICT pull ups

8 x ring push ups

4 x KB snatch on both sides (12kg)

3 x OHS with single arm KB, on both sides (12kg)

I completed 6 rounds! Just!

Then just for good luck, I thought I would add some GHD sit ups!

4 rounds, 15 GHD sit ups with 1 minute rest between each set

It would be cool if other people gave some of the workouts a go and posted their results! Go on Try 1 and let me know how you get on.


It’s hard to make giant leaps all the time, focus on the small positive steps you make


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