A sweet treat for breakfast

Who says breakfast has to be boring. If you are trying to cut down on your sugar intake but have a sweet tooth this might just do the trick for you. 


1/2 cup oats

Milk (almond, nut, soy etc) – as required to cover oats

1 cube dark chocolate (high cocoa content)

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

Handful of berries 


1) Soak oats overnight in your choice of milk. My choice was Belgian chocolate pistachio milk (it’s amazing and has no added sugar, it’s sweetened with coconut flower nectar)

2) in the morning, heat it in the microwave (took about 2 minutes on high) 

3) mix and add a cube of dark chocolate. Continue mixing until dark chocolate melts

4) add a scoop of chocolate protein powder and a bit more liquid (water/milk) and continue mixing

5) top with fresh berries and eat! 

Here’s the macros 

As you can, it is low in sugar (less than 9g) and fat. It has a good amount of fiber, starch, and protein to keep us feeling full whilst provide energy throughout the morning. It also has the added benefit of have good levels of calcium and iron. 


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