Why Crossfit: 2

As a keen footballer I could have chosen other team sports to turn to as another method for maintaining my health and fitness but I am glad I have chosen CrossFit. I previously explained a little bit about what steered me towards CrossFit in my first ever blog – Why crossfit?.

Here are 6 of the key reasons why I have become passionate about it!

1. It literally has you covered and helps improve every component of fitness. There are 11 components of fitness in total; Power, Co-ordination, Reaction Time, Agility, Balance, Speed, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Body Composition, Flexibility, and Cardiovascular Endurance. I could go through every component an explain how CrossFit achieves this, but that would be boring and I suggest you just give it a go and see for yourself.

2. It develops other areas that are not so quantifiable! Such as mental strength and resilience. When you are halfway through the WOD, your HR is skyrocketing and you can barely breath let alone whimper that you want to stop, somewhere you find that little bit of fight to continue and finish. The group of people around you cheering you on to finish also helps (see point 6!).

3. You are always learning, improving, and developing. Before CrossFit I did not have a clue how to perform any Olympic lifts and only dreamed of being able to do a muscle up. I can now do muscle ups (yes plural!) and everything else is improving…

4. It is challenging – (see point 3!). Learning how to do a muscle up was not easy! I got there though. This challenge to accomplish new things I have never done before and constant progress I see keeps me coming back. I still can’t handstand walk and my double unders are pretty rubbish – so lots of challenges for 2017!

5. There is constant variation and diversity. A fitness program that consists of gymnastics, weightlifting, Olympic lifting, cardio (running, cycling, skipping, rowing etc etc) means it is almost unlikely you will ever face two classes that are the same. AND the WOD is ALWAYS different! Not only do the workouts vary but so do the circumstances i.e. you may be working alone, in pairs, as a team or focusing on developing strength, or technique, or muscular endurance.

6. The community ethos– just look at the picture, I think it says a lot! I have now been to various CrossFit boxes from Ireland to Bangkok to New Zealand and in every single one people could not have been more welcoming and friendly. If you want to get fit and have fun and have recently moved somewhere and wanted to meet new people, make friends, and get to know the area – join your nearest CrossFit box!

I cannot think of many activities where I may have just swam or been running and then start lifting/pulling/pushing heavy weights or even just my own body weight whilst my Heart Rate could be at 90% of my max. It is certainly a test of your overall fitness.

If you are interested in getting involved but not sure what a class looks like and want to know what your letting yourself in for, my previous blog article may help you.


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