My CrossFit journey: week 1 (ground zero, kind of)

My CrossFit journey actually started in April 2016, but I have only just considered documenting it so that you can share in my embarrassing fails and learn from my mistakes! Or hopefully be inspired by my successes and learn some tips along the way. 

Firstly, I am going to set the scene (Don’t worry I wont do this every week!). I am a 31 year old (nearly 32) man with an ecto/endomorphic body – narrow shoulders and hips, but solid legs. I struggle to put on muscle mass but have half decent cardio. Below is where I am at physically and some of my targets for 2017. Never done this before so not sure whether I am setting my bar too high or too low…

  Current PR – 2016 Target for2017
Bench 85kg – 187# 100kg – 220#+ (+19%)
Back Squat 315# – 142kg 350# – 158kg+ (+11%)
Front Squat 230# – 104kg 260# – 117kg+ (+13%)
Deadlift 360# – 163kg 400# – 181kg+ (+11%)
Snatch 120# – 54kg 135# – 61kg+ (+12%)
Clean 165# – 74kg 190# – 86kg+ (+15%)

I would also like to develop more in the gymnastic movements. For example I would like to hit 10 strict ring muscle ups and or kipping bar/ring muscle ups by the end of 2017 (current max is 6). Also, I cannot perform a strict handstand push up, handstand walk, and can only perform a few consecutive double-unders. Mobility is another important factor for me and I want to find a realistic and quantifiable way of measuring this to check my progress – any suggestions would be welcome and I will try and include this over the next few weeks.

As you can see, none of my goals are weight or body related! I care more about what my body can do than what it looks like and I personally feel this is more important for life. However, I will include pics of my body every month to show how my exercise and diet impacts my bodyshape. See the picture below for my starting point for 2017. This is my body at the end of a 3 week holiday, eating lots of sugar and fatty foods and performing the odd bit of exercise.me2017

In fact here is a picture of me and the wife about 12 weeks ago when I was training 4-5 times a week and eating healthily without being too restrictive with food and probably eating out at least once/twice a week.


Once back in Bangkok I will tend to eat fairly healthily just because it is better for my overall health and well-being. When I eat lots of sugary and fatty foods, like I have on holiday, I feel sluggish, bloated, I can feel it affects my circulation, and it certainly doesn’t help my bowels!

As this is week 1  I have tried to do the odd bit of exercise, so here it is:


1k in under 5:30

3 x 3 turkish get ups with 10kg DB

3 rounds – 20 thrusters (10kg DBs), 16 swiss ball leg raises  – time cap 10 minutes

1k in under 5:30

Tuesday – 7k run (because our heli-hike at Fox glacier was cancelled)

Wednesday was a travel day – we got the tranzalpine train from Greymouth to Christchurch

Thursday was spent exploring Christchurch


Went and tried out Franks Brothers Gym (A CrossFit box) on Montreal Street, Christchurch (this is the gym in the main picture!). Workout went as follows:

Worked up to 140kg DL for 5RM

3 rounds – 15 pull ups, 400m – my time 7:26 (time cap 10 minutes )

*give it a go and post me your time!*

Then tabata (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest x 8) handstand hold

To be honest I felt pretty good considering I haven’t done a lot, and the coach was good at ensuring we did some mobility work before and at the end. Having said that, as I write this I can feel my hamstrings and lower back is getting a little sore.

Saturday was the last day of our holiday and Sunday we travelled back to Bangkok.


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